21 restaurants and various stores in the Akiu area will participate in an illumination event called the "AKIU LUMINA 2020". Bringing together a collection of events held individually from the popular "Akiu Night Museum", the lighting up of Rairaikyo Gorge, a top tourist attraction in Akiu with the "Rairaikyo Gorge Momiji Path Light Up" and working with various artists on the "Sasaki Art & Doll Museum Projection Mapping". Restaurants, craft stores, and wineries in Akiu will be illuminated for a limited time, and some will also open in the evenings especially just for this event. Enjoy a magical evening in the town of Akiu, brightly lit with vibrant colors.
*This project is part of the "New Tourism" program by the Japan Tourism Agency.


The Breathtaking Garden and the Evening Autumn Leaves

Akiu Night Museum

The Akiu Night Museum has won the second prize in the event category of the "Darc Awards 2017", an European lighting design award. Walk through the entrance gate, and let the dazzling gardens and the illuminated autumn leaves take your breath away.

Term 10/24(Sat)~11/23(Mon)
Time 17:00~21:00(Last 20:30)
Entrance fee Adults (Over 12 years old) ¥500
Children (Over 4 years old) ¥200
Venue Tenshukaku Nature Park
URL http://akiu-sizen.co.jp/lightup/contents.html
Glittering Installation of Lights and Images

Akiu no Mori
Sasaki Art & Doll Museum
Projection Mapping

The stunning vibrant mix of lights and images projected on the walls of the museum will take your breath away. The tree house is also lit up and open at night to coincide with the AKIU LUMINA, so why not take a stroll through the museum at night?

Term 11/14(Sat)~11/23(Mon)
Time 17:00~21:00
Entrance fee General admission: ¥800, Students: ¥400 yen, Under 12 years old: Free
Projection Mapping: Free
Venue Akiu no Mori Sasaki Art & Doll Museum
URL http://akiunomori.jp/
Magnificent Views Projected on the Rock Wall

Rairaikyo Gorge Momiji Path Light Up

The "Rairaikyo Gorge Momiji Path Light Up" event is held at Rairaikyo Gorge, one of the top attractions of Akiu. The beautifully illuminated maple trees and the towering rock walls are a special sight that can only be seen here.
* The event may be canceled due to weather conditions so please contact us in advance to avoid disappointment.

Term 10/24(Sat)~11/23(Mon)
Time 10/24~11/13 17:00~19:30
11/14~11/23 17:00~21:00
Entrance fee free
Venue Akiu Sato Center Walking Path, Rairaikyo Gorge Momiji Path
URL https://akiusato.jp/en/
A Special Gift Just For You

Love Letter of Light

We held the "Love Letter of Light" event, where one lucky couple sent a message to their loved one. The "Love Letter of Light" is a surprise event in which the message is placed in an original message frame and projected on to the AKIU LUMINA venue. The content of the message will be written on a card and given to the recipient later.

Vibrant Lights Illuminating the Streets of Akiu

Neighborhood Lights

Restaurants, craft stores, and wineries light up the night of Akiu with vibrant colors during the AKIU LUMINA. A free shuttle bus is also available for visitors to enjoy this event.

Term 11/14(Sat)~11/23(Mon)
Time 17:00 ~ 21:00
* Please contact each store as open hours vary
Participating stores

SOBA to GALETTE Azumino / Mori no Cafe Contrail / Nozoki Bridge Park (Tram light up) / Utsuwa CAFE Guru Guru / Akiu Night Museum / Akiusha / Akiu no Mori Sasaki Art & Doll Museum / Akiu Winery / Handmade Sausage Workshop Vienna29 / Senmyoji Temple, Shrine / Glass Studio Gen / Kashiwa Sushi Akiu / Kukka with Flower & Cafe / Japanese Cuisine Tsukuba / Jingisukan Yamariki / Akiu Bakery (Bread shop) KOPPE / Budo no Ki / Akiu Sato Center / Soba Restaurant Suzume no Oyado / Japanese Cuisine Marutako / Sendai Kaleidoscopes Art Museum / Zakkoku Yakigashi Bakery Konone


Guests Arriving by Car

30 minutes from Sendai Station via Sendai nishi Road
20 minutes from Tohoku Expressway, Sendai Minami IC

* Spacious parking lot (shared with Tenshukaku Nature Park and Kinoie)
Free parking
* On the Sat Nav please enter "Kinoie, Akiu (TEL 022-397-2714)"

Guests Arriving by Public Transport

【Miyagi Kotsu Bus】
Sendai Station West Exit Bus Pool #8 bound for "Akiu Onsen"
15 minutes walk from "Akiu Onsen Yumoto" bus stop

Last bus departing "Akiu Onsen Yumoto"
Bound for Nagamachi Station East Exit / Prefectural Office City Hall (Miyagi Prefecture)
Weekdays 19:22, weekends, and public holidays 18:59

【Takeya Kotsu Bus】
Akiu-Kawasaki Sendai Seibu Liner
Close to "Kinoie-mae" bus stop

Last bus departing "Akiu Sato Center"
Bound for Sendai Station Weekdays, weekends, and public holidays 19:16

【JR Senzan Line】
Alight at Ayashi Station, 15 minutes by taxi



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